Welcome to 2nd Gen homeschooler!

Please visit my new blog at www.chasingsantee.com!!!

I don’t know exactly what to write for my first post. Don’t get me wrong, I love writing, and I have lots to say, but the first post is just so much pressure! There are so many great blogs out there these days, with endless creative and innovative ideas, gorgeous photos and delectable recipes; it can be very intimidating for a new blogger!

Actually, it’s a crazy time of year for me to even begin to blog. Things are busy busy busy for my family as we get ready for the beginning of the school year, organize and purge and finish up some summer projects that haven’t quite been completed. On the other hand, if I wait until I have free time to blog, I may never do it! So you can expect to see lots of blog posts written at 4 AM. I’ll do my best to remember spell check.

Please don’t give up on me just because there wasn’t anything particularly eloquent or impressive in this post. I promise to improve. Until then here is a pic of my kids that should make up for my inadequacies in content. At least for those of my readers who are family which probably amounts to all of you.


Please visit my new blog at www.chasingsantee.com!!!

Playground fun

Playground fun

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